Who is Jonathan Simpson really?

Jonathan Simpson is the allegedly the man who sat in a truck and said he had a bomb and live streamed his event. 

We watched his live stream and as communications professionals it was fairly obvious that his southern accent was not genuine and his complete lack of vocalized pauses to actually think what he was going to say and keep his thoughts in order was something that is usually seen in actors, on air journalists or other professional communicators. 

And then we saw this – He lost a few pounds as actors are so adept at doing, but it really looks like him. We also found in internet searches that show this same man doing porn acting under the name Jon Sims. 

We don’t know what is going on, but something is going on.

We wondered if this might have been photoshopped so we started using various search techniques and soon discovered that this man has been appearing in politicized and other memes and posts on social media for months. Here are just a few examples:

Some might say that there is a strong resemblance, but is that the same man? In our opinion, the difference is a few years and some weight loss. For example, both of the pictures below are Christian Bale:
Even if this is just a case of the same name and a big resemblance, which is possible, the fact that the same man appears on multiple posts in all sorts of professions still indicates that much of what we see in social media is a manufactured manipulation.

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