Dozens die in two Canada nursing homes from neglect (video)

The British National health Service (NHS) has been neglecting seniors for years on purpose because they are an expense. The NHS also had a plan to use the CCP Virus to eliminate more seniors. 

New York’s soon to be ex-Governor Cuomo did it as did Michigan Governor Whitmer.

It is more than just a pattern. The socialist/neo-Marxist utopias are not utopian at all. In each of these systems the promise of a compassionate social safety net for the weak and downtrodden devolves into a human catastrophe of social engineering. Just ask anyone in Communist China. 

Speaking of their influence, Canada had a PPE shortage because they gave theirs to the CCP.

The government will strip you of your last civil right in order to cover its own incompetence. Famed Canadian lawyer Viva Frei has details:

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