Not Surprised: Co-Founder Of Snopes Plagiarized Dozens of Articles for “Fact-Checking”

Snopes, Politifact, Fact-check, Wikipedia are a joke and most anyone with an IQ higher than 85 is well aware of it. We could publish books about how often they have been demonstrated to be wrong even on substance that is easily verifiable. Even a federal court ruled that no reasonable person takes Fakebook “fact checkers” seriously. 


David Mikkelson, the co-founder of the fact-checking website Snopes, has long presented himself as the arbiter of truth online, a bulwark in the fight against rumors and fake news. But he has been lying to the site’s tens of millions of readers: A BuzzFeed News investigation has found that between 2015 and 2019, Mikkelson wrote and published dozens of articles containing material plagiarized from news outlets such as the Guardian and the LA Times.

After inquiries from BuzzFeed News, Snopes conducted an internal review and confirmed that under a pseudonym, the Snopes byline, and his own name, Mikkelson wrote and published 54 articles with plagiarized material. The articles include such topics as same-sex marriage licenses and the death of musician David Bowie.

In this case, they weren’t really fact checking, they were just copy & pasting what other far left media outlets said. 

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