Kreia is the greatest character in all of Star Wars (video)

Of all of the characters in Star Wars, none are as well devolved and brilliantly written as Old Republic Jedi Master Kreia who left the Jedi Order and eventually became Sith Lord Darth Traya the Betrayer…only later to reclaim her original name as she realized that both the Sith and Jedi code are fundamentally flawed which lead to a cycle of never ending death and war. So she sought to not just eliminate them both, but to destroy the “Will of the Force” itself. 

In her own way Kreia saved the galaxy. She knew that the Jedi code was flawed, too ideological, and that eventually the Sith would destroy them…which of course they did. Fast-forward to today – now the new and few Jedi, such as Luke, Ahsoka and Ezra, understanding the lessons of history, see the Jedi code as more of a guideline and not a mandate or an ideology. 

The Sith of course fell, as they eat their own and like socialism they consume the civilization they are in as they consume each other  – always leaving a human catastrophe in its wake.

As Kreia says, which is also something the great Roman Senator and philosopher Cicero believed, is that to believe in an idea is to understand when it is morally correct to abandon it or betray it. Ironically, while Kreia could do this with her Jedi self and her Sith self, she did could not understand this when it came to the philosophy she grew into. 

While we admire Kreia’s individualism, even rugged individualists tend to believe in something bigger than themselves. They have a certain faith backed up by a strong ethic…and that is what Kreia lacked. She put herself in the role of God of the Universe and that always fails.

Devin Nunes Scores Major Court Victory in Defamation Lawsuit vs Washington Post “Spygate” Hit Pieces

Devin Nunes is the ranking Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee. When he discovered that the Obama Administration and the NSA/FBI/DoJ was illegally spying on the Trump Campaign and continued that illegal spying into his administration Nunes went public. 

Readers know how lies go. First the deny, then they obfuscate, then the move the goalpost and play semantics, then they justify it (all while attacking you personally), and then you win.

In this case not only did the Washington Post lie about the illegal spying, they morphed it into the Russian Collusion hoax in an effort to justify it after it went public that the spying was irrefutable. The effort to manufacture collusion evidence went on for three years and every indication shows that the Washington Post was in on it willingly.

In their effort to smear Nunes for investigating the illegal spying, the Washington Post showed malicious intent not only by contradicting its own previous reporting, but it applied one semantic doublespeak when smearing Nunes and then later using the exact opposite when the tables were turned. 

[Editor’s Note – As any journalism school student can tell you, a cardinal rule in reporting is rereading your own previous reporting on said issue.] 

Defamation lawsuits very rarely get passed a motion to dismiss as the defamation laws in the United States are weighted heavily for free speech, even if that speech is incorrect. Defamation has to be severe on its face to survive a motion to dismiss.

Famed Canadian lawyer Viva Frei has details: