Best Reactions to Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle – UPDATED!

UPDATE – We are about to witness a human catastrophe: 

THE TALIBAN HAVE seized U.S. military biometrics devices that could aid in the identification of Afghans who assisted coalition forces, current and former military officials have told The Intercept.

The devices, known as HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment, were seized last week during the Taliban’s offensive, according to a Joint Special Operations Command official and three former U.S. military personnel, all of whom worried that sensitive data they contain could be used by the Taliban. HIIDE devices contain identifying biometric data such as iris scans and fingerprints, as well as biographical information, and are used to access large centralized databases.

The first reaction will be ours. There is plenty of misinformation being peddled about on both sides that need to be addressed. 

While much of the Afghan Army was near impossible to train do to lack of literacy, much of their Army was trained and did fight. The Afghan Army lost more people fighting the Taliban every year than the United States lost in 20. The idea that there was never an Afghan Army is simply false. 

Why did the Afghan Army fall so quickly now when they didn’t before? 

The Afghan Army was trained to fight much as the US Army is trained to fight, to coordinate with air support to avoid exposure to enemy fire. The Afghan Air Force has 169 aircraft which is more than enough to provide close air support to their troops on the ground. The problem is that President Biden pulled all technical teams out of Afghanistan. Without that technical support that Afghans could not maintain their high tech equipment which includes the aircraft. The Afghan Army soon lost air support which crippled their ability to function and served to demoralize them. 

The Taliban receives support from Pakistan, China, Iran, elements in Saudi Arabia, and Russia. 

President Trump had a phased withdrawal plan in place for Afghanistan, which included getting those who threw their hat in the ring with us out. Biden tossed that plan for no other reason than it seems “Orange Man Bad.” As a result up to 86,000 Afghans who helped us expect to get their throats cut if captured by the Taliban. Any women they find who have been educated will likely be executed. 

And then there are the American’s the Biden Administration didn’t think to get out of the country first leaving many stranded. This is why Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said, “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” President Biden and several members of his administration promised that the Taliban was a year or more from taking over the country and that this chaos, like the fall of Saigon, wasn’t going to happen. They were warned.

The Democrat’s friends in big tech actively helped the Taliban fight the Afghan Army and take over. The Taliban used WhatsApp and Facebook to coordinate their military, supply and propaganda efforts. They should be prosecuted but won’t because “Democrats.”

At this point the “impeachment” word is going to be used more and more by people in both parties. 

Lastly, it seems that the Pentagon has been lying to us about the status of the Taliban among other things since Obama was President. Obama purged much of the Pentagon top brass and replaced them with political cronies who have lied to us ever since. The next president needs to clean house.  

The CCP is watching and so are the people of Taiwan.

The best reaction was from Matt Zeller on MSNBC:

Biden’s National Security Advisor is an academic and a former State Department bureaucrat. He lacks the experience to be National Security Advisor and it shows:

By all means, lets take some time out to virtue signal with some SJW rhetoric! China is watching this and laughing….

The next eight videos have a more long form analysis for those more detail oriented. We encourage you to take the time to watch:

Sky News Australia had a devastating analysis: