Flashback: Body Language Expert Analyzes Brett Kavanaugh Accuser “It’s an act” (video)

The bogus charge of sexual misconduct is a card that Democrats use as a matter of routine. At first when such accusations failed against political candidates or judicial nominations there was a lone accuser, no evidence and also no history of sexual misconduct. 

Sexual misconduct is almost always a pattern of behavior that can be discovered via the evidence. So today the Democrat’s find ideologues or pay activists to claim it to make it appear that there was a pattern. 

In the case of Presidential candidate Herman Cain his accusers were all ideologues, one of whom had a history of making false allegations, another who made allegations and it was later discovered that Herman Cain was not even in the same state as the accuser alleged and the final accuser was in financial trouble and lived in the same apartment building as Barack Obama’s campaign manager. 

All of the women, save one, who accused, now Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh have recanted and admitted to the FBI that they made it up to protect a leftist majority on the court. That one is Christine Blasey Ford. 

Ford did not go through an intensive deposition. Instead she said rather publicly that certain people she knew would back her story – none of them did. [Editor’s Note: The last witness that Ford claims exists is her therapist, who she claims she told in 2012. Since therapy sessions are privileged medical information, there is no way to verify this.]

Bombards Body Language is famed for identifying body language that reveals what is not said, much like professional interrogators who do something similar.   

This is worth your time: