Our Take on Impeachment 2.0

Just the facts.

Statutory law and case law have very precise guidelines for what is legally called incitement. “Go over and peacefully and patriotically make your voice heard” is not even close. It is absolutely First Amendment protected speech that is not even controversial.

The House allowed no due process in the impeachment and allowed no witnesses. The Senate had four witnesses with none of them alleging President Trump’s guilt.

Impeaching a private citizen is an unconstitutional “Bill of Attainder” which is why Chief Justice Roberts wanted nothing to do with it and refused to show up.

The “Judge” in the Senate “trial” is a partisan Senator who let it be know beforehand that no matter what he was going to vote “Trump Guilty.”

Democrat ideas of “due process” make the British Drum Head trials look almost fair.

As we and others have reported with near unlimited video to back it up, there was actually very little violence on January 6th aside from one officer who should not have pulled the trigger. No buildings or businesses were burned. The police opened the gates and the doors to the capital and most of the protestors who went in were respectful of the police. There was very little property damage.

We now know that Officer Sicknick was not killed by blunt force trauma so reports that he was killed by a Trump supporter who threw a fire extinguisher at his head are proved false. The others who Democrats are claiming President Trump is responsible for killing actually died for medical reasons.

The FBI reports that known agitators planned to cause trouble before President Trump even spoke. This is another reason why accusations of incitement are political theatre.

Meanwhile Democrats defend members who call political opponents – among other things –  nazi’s & racists, & claimed that black people are going to be put back in chains if a Republican is elected.

Democrats accused political opponents of wanting starving children, of wanting old people dead (when their Gov. Cuomo actually killed old people with his covid policy).

Senator Rand Paul has been physically attacked twice. Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed when a Bernie supporter decided that he was going to kill Republican Members of Congress. The Hillary Clinton campaign bragged about hiring violent thugs to go to Trump events.

There is plenty of video all over the net and some of it posted at this very website that shows democrats calling for violence against political opponents.

In the meantime Joe Biden’s nominee for OMB Director, former Hillary Clinton aid Neera Tanden, has a long history of using violent rhetoric against not just Republicans, but against Bernie Sanders who challenged Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

And of course, which unfortunately is becoming a repeating theme in the Biden Administration, is yet another nominee who is steeped in the the deep pockets of big corporate money:

UPDATE – And we almost forgot…..some might say that President Trump was wrong about the ballot fraud, but Time Magazine seems to be confirming it proudly with just a little bit of spin to “justify” what they have done:

Trump says “peaceful” protest – he means “violent insurrection”….

Time Magazine says a “well-funded cabal”, “shadow organizations” working “behind the scenes” to change “rules and laws” and “steer media coverage” and “control the flow of information” – they mean “democracy”.

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