Biden Admin Summit with China a Diplomatic Disaster

Today’s summit with China was a disaster.

The CCP called the US ambassador and the Biden Administration weak, ineffective and divided to their face.

Jack Posobiec is right in his analysis below. The CCP is basically never this bold. They like to speak softly and act incrementally. This has changed in a big way.

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Stay Tuned!

Since the Texas Cold Snap Ice Storm real life has gotten in the way of posting regular updates. Stay tuned. When things get more sane here in a week or so we are going to have a flood of goodies for you all.

And by the way did you notice that Youboob banned President Trump’s CPAC speech? Their CCP masters must be working overtime.


CPAC Pays Tribute to Rush Limbaugh! (Video)

Editor’s Note: Rush Limbaugh has been my friend….our friend since 1988. To say that “he gets it” barely scratches the surface. The inspiration he has given to this writer and broadcaster cannot be measured. Millions will miss him every single day.

CPAC 2021 Tribute:

Rush Limbaugh Address to the Nation 2009. Perhaps Rush’s most important speech. If you want to understand what populist conservatives believe there is no better address than this:

Rush Limbaugh’s Producer James Golden (Bo Snerdley) at CPAC 2021:

Kathryn Limbaugh speaks at CPAC 2021:

Rush Limbaugh interviews Donald J. Trump April 15, 2011

Rush Opens His Final Show of 2020: