Governor Kristi Noem: Republican “leadership” does not follow through, breaks promises and lets the rank and file voters down. (video)

Good question!

Time and time again the Republican congressional leadership sabotages real policy reforms that help ordinary Americans.

Senator McConnell keeps promoting these judges for consideration who they say are constitutionalists only to prove not to be most of the time.

Senator John McCain repeatedly ran one one set of policy decisions and then did the opposite after getting elected, including single handedly defeating the Obamacare repeal so it could be replaced with something better.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan promised so many reforms but ultimately did very little.

Senator Lindsey Graham promises all of these hearings and “something will be done” most of the time amounting to nothing. Republican oversight of the FBI/DoJ and courts have failed to do anything about massive corruption and criminal behavior.

It is the same old story over and over again. The leadership buys into the bogus narratives of the elite media nd the Democrats. They talk much but behave like the GOP and Dem leadership are in fact a uniparty. Trump upset the uniparty and look how fast the GOP leadership such as Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney abandoned him. ENOUGH!

Governor Kristi Noem:

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