What a FRAUD! AOC Was NOT in the Capitol Building on January 6th!

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), the flamboyant and pretty young member of Congress from New York who spouts far left conspiracy theories such as Ted Cruz tried to have her killed, also lied  about her experiences on January 6th.

We have all seen the interviews, the video on Twitter and Instagram:

AOC “hid in her bathroom” in fear for her life…

She heard “Where is she” as if she was being hunted.

She “wondered if she would die before ever being a mom.”

The “mob was banging on her door.”

“The rioters actually entered her office”

“Her legislative director told her to “run and hide”

…. all political theatre. Fact checkers? HA!

Cortez was not even in the building. She was in the Cannon Office Building where protestors never entered.


One thought on “What a FRAUD! AOC Was NOT in the Capitol Building on January 6th!”

  1. Phoking lying Commie bitch. Can’t believe idiots like her are in the “Congress”???? WTF??????? Like the Joker said in Batman; ” Bob, this town needs an ENEMA!!” LOL

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