Newsmax Censors Mike Lindell (video)

Just 10 seconds into an interview with Newsmax, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell started a rant on the rigged election-prompting Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers to storm off set.

What a disgrace to journalism.

There is PLENTY of evidence of vote fraud and the courts have not examined the issue as Newsmax falsely claims. The vast majority of courts dismissed the cases so that the evidence could not be put on record. Much of that evidence has been given to state legislatures in under oath testimony. That includes evidence from the Data Integrity Project, Jovan Pulitzer as well as hundreds of whistleblowers from both parties.

How about a Lincoln Douglas style debate between that Newsmax anchor vs Robert Barnes, a forensic scientist from the Data Integrity Project, Rich Baris and Jovan Pulitzer?

The Epoch Times covered this evidence in detail so why is Newsmax so scared of?

2 thoughts on “Newsmax Censors Mike Lindell (video)”

  1. I saw that and it infuriated me to no end! I stopped watching Newsmax a long time ago! They’re just another FOX! I love Mike Lindell for getting the truth out and watched the video of evidence he released yesterday. God bless him! And thank you for being another brave digital warrior and spreading the truth! 🙂

    PoliticalArena Editor Responds – Thank You Mrs. White. Kind words like yours keep us motivated!!

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