Our Take on Mike Lindell’s Documentary on Ballot Fraud

Mike Lindell’s presentation is a real missed opportunity. For a man of Lindell’s resources there is no excuse for the poor production value of the video.

We know where some of the numbers Lindell mentioned came from because we have been reporting on this issue since election day, unfortunately the video does not explain how Lindell came into possession of the numbers he presented.

Lindell did not follow a script to keep his thoughts organized in a way that the audience can follow. He winged it. He went off on tangents that confused the audience. Lindell’s presentation was a distraction. During the documentary he plays with his hands, touches his face and engages in other nervous mannerisms.

His first guest was Col. Phil Waldron who is a disinformation & cyber warfare specialist. The documentary actually misspells the name “Phil” when placed on the screen. The video does not do enough to explain who Col. Waldron is to the audience so they might see him with the proper credibility. Col. Waldron says that he has all this proof, but the documentary does not show the proof to the audience so they can judge for themselves.

There are times when Lindell talks over his guests and other parts where he keeps interrupting them as they try to explain what they know making parts of the presentation word soup.

While real evidence is referred to time and time again, it is not presented to the audience in a credible way or in such a way that they can judge it for themselves. An organized, professional presentation is crucial when presenting a complex case to an audience. Lindell’s presentation is so sloppy that it undermines its own credibility.

Lindell should have hired a trial lawyer or other professional communicator to make the presentation and a real film maker to serve as a director rather than just winging it.

While we have nothing against Mr. Lindell and find him to be a rather likable figure, his documentary is so sloppy and so poorly produced that in our view it does more damage to his cause than it helps. Someone close to him should have told him so before he released this mess of a presentation.

Editor’s Note: For the record we believe by the evidence we have reported that there was likely enough fraud to swing the election.

2 thoughts on “Our Take on Mike Lindell’s Documentary on Ballot Fraud”

  1. Thanks for being the one to say it, Chuck. I found the technical flaws in this presentation so jarring, that I wondered if I had downloaded the real documentary. Having a website devoted to hosting the evidence, and allowing people to see the source materials for themselves would have been a valuable resource, as well. Lindell has all but driven himself out of business over this. I wish he’d taken a more serious approach to getting this message across.

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