In Texas. Back soon. – UPDATED

Yes indeed. No power, no water. Cell phones towers only working a few minutes a day.

What a mess. Texas has gone through two weeks of hell. Cell Phone service is still buggy and we just got running water yesterday.

Things we learned. When the power grid has problems most cell towers ether go down or restrict use to emergency services which means YOU have no communication. So unless you have a land line that is wired up old fashioned style, you are on your own. This means that CB Radios and amateur radios such as those in the 2 meter and 10 meter bands need to make a big comeback.

Have a supply of emergency food and drink. It is not just for preppers anymore.

Have sleeping bags that are rated for cold weather. If Texans had them lives would have been saved.

Have a way to go to the bathroom outside.

It seems, and we won’t know 100% until this is fully investigated, but ERCOT – those who generate power in Texas, was not honest with the state about back up reserves, winterizing of certain resources etc. This can never be allowed to happen again. There are some major lawsuits coming and the Texas Supreme Court would not be wise to give ERCOT sovereign immunity.

Expect a flood of posts soon as we are way behind. But right now we are tired.

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