Trump’s Lawyer’s Home Attacked “Business under siege”

After two scoops of acquittal the Democrats have failed to impeach/convict President Trump again. This is not surprising as they were caught manipulating/falsifying some of the evidence they submitted to the Senate. The law and the facts just were solidly on the President’s side.

What we wanted to focus on is the depraved sickness that Democrats have used in going after President Trump’s attorney’s. As readers might recall many attorney’s bailed on representing the President after they received threats.

Democrats have demonstrated that they believe anyone who would dare oppose them is not entitled to any defense as mandated by the constitution. Those who stand up for our rights under the constitution should have their lives, home, and businesses threatened.

This authoritarian nonsense is going to lead to great violence of it is not nipped in the bud.

Former President Trump’s defense attorney Michael Van Der Veen says since taking on the impeachment case his house, family and business has been “under siege.”

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