Obama Chief of Staff Was “Too Pro-Business” for Obama and White House Staff

Just as I told fellow Political Arena writer and CEO Thomas Zaleski yesterday, Bill Daley had to go because he was not “down with the struggle” enough for Valerie Jerritt and the other Saul Alinsky inspired radicals in the top White House staff. Daley was seen as too pro-business, too willing to work with Republicans in Congress (instead of viewing them as the enemy in a class war), and too Irish Catholic, which offended Michelle Obama.

This should speak volumes about just how leftist, neo-marxist, or pick your favorite description of how radical and out of touch this White House is.

The Hill:

‎”The bigger truth is that Bill Daley left the White House because he lost to Valerie Jarrett and to the president’s wife in the battle for the philosophical direction of the Obama White House. Daley was only ineffective because his boss would not let him be effective.”
“He is a pro-business Democrat, an increasingly rare breed these days in Washington. Obama is not a pro-business Democrat. Obama has made the fateful decision that he will govern as a left-wing political populist.”
“That is why he has embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement, why he keeps using class-warfare rhetoric, why he has given up on deal-cutting, why he has decided to run against Congress rather than on his accomplishments.”

Read more HERE.

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