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Priceless: Union hires non union labor to protest a church for using non union labor

RedState comments: Although details are lacking, the above pic was e-mailed stating that the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters has replaced its banner outside Hope Baptist Church (in Las Vegas) and is now being manned by non-union temp. labor. [Apparently, a church should not be … Continue reading

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Democrats California Budget: More Taxes, More Debt, Smoke & Mirrors….

Moe Lane at RedState has a revealing piece on the California budget crisis; Democrats are making it worse on purpose: To summarize: $92.6 billion in spending (7% increase over last year’s); $9.2 billion deficit over eighteen months (half in the first … Continue reading

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Obama vs Obama on earmarks

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Allen West Puts the Truth to Leftist Congressional Black Caucus Member

Show this to everyone. There is not a better example of why the Republican Party has always been better on the issues affecting inner city families  than the Democrats.

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Allen West: Ron Paul is not the man to be president


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Allen West sets record straight about National Defense Authorization Act

Conspiracy nuts have gone crazy with the misinformation they put out.

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Rush on Rick Perry

What Rush says here is so true. I know the TEA Party has helped in this regard, but people need to do some homework and get beneath the surface.

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Bill Whittle: Facing the Arithmetic

What we are doing now cannot continue…..

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Do not tailgate…

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