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Incomes Drop 6.7 Percent During Obama ‘Recovery’

  Jeff Anderson at The Weekly Standard: New evidence suggests there’s a reason why this economic “recovery” hasn’t felt much like a recovery. Figures from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, compiled by Sentier Research, show that the “recovery” has actually been … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Staffer: He is “most certainly Anti-Israel”. Believes U.S. Should Not Have Stopped the Holocaust…

Dondero tries to split a line between anti-Israelism and antisemitism. History demonstrates that such a split is imaginary. You cannot be OK with Jews and say that the holocaust, genocide, is none of our business. Eric Dondero: Fmr. Senior Aide, US Cong. Ron Paul, … Continue reading

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Union Thugs Vandalize Scott Walker Signs

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Newt vs “Massachusetts Moderate”

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Newt Gingrich: President Barack Obama is “Legitimately and Authentically a Saul Alinsky Radical”


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Krauthammer: Obama’s Recess Appointments Part Of “A Long String Of Lawless Actions”…

Why? because the Senate is not in recess. The lawsuits will fly.

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McCain Endorses Romney After Trashing Him…

Does this mean that McCain wasn’t serious about his rediscovered Reagan Conservatism on the 2008 campaign? It would seem so by how Steve Schmidt and some other liberals hired by McCain to run his campaign treated Sarah Palin.  Or it … Continue reading

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