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The Next Generation Getting Involved Early!

Iowa State Senator Jack Whitver: Ella helping me organize my office before Senate session on Monday. I taught her to vote NO to all the Democrat big spending bills.

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Rick Santorum’s Iowa Victory Speech

This is very good and definitely worth the time.

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Awesome: Newt Gingrich on the “Secular Socialist Machine”

[This post has been stickied to the top of the page. Please scroll down for updates.] Mitt Romney can’t figure it out. He said that Newt and others are too strident in their critiques of President Obama. Oh really?

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Levin: Romney Used Dirty Tricks to Smear Fred Thompson in ’08

And we are seeing the same tricks being used now.

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Senate Judiciary Committee Fires Letter to Justice Department Over Bogus Recess Appointments

http://www.grassley.senate.gov/judiciary/upload/Recess-Appointments-01-06-12-SJC-members-letter-on-OJC-input-on-recess-appointments-signed-letter.pdf Dear Attorney General Holder: On Wednesday, President Obama deviated from over 90 years of precedent established by the Department of Justice (Department), and the Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), by recess appointing four individuals to posts in the … Continue reading

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Devastating New Ad on Mitt Romney

The Romney Con Notice Romney dodges the tough interviews while the other candidates are taking them on regularly? Granted this is a Ron Paul ad, but this one, unlike so many of his other ads, is pretty honest and has … Continue reading

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Jordanian Sheik: Wage war on other countries till they convert to Islam

Attention Ron Paul zealots…

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Newt: Reagan and the Power of Truth

Moral Clarity Newt interviewed on Sean Hannity and his post Iowa strategy. This is a must see.

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FIRE: Harvard Fires Economics Professor over Political Article Published in India

It is really simple. Islamists blow up Hindu’s in horrible attack, professor writes piece about how to combat militant Islamists, censor happy lefties on campus totally freak, and after the Harvard Administration brags about it’s commitment to free speech and … Continue reading

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