Hawkins: 15 Questions The Mainstream Media Would Ask Barack Obama If He Were A Republican

John Hawkins has been on a roll lately punching out one great column after another:


1) Numerous Mexican citizens and an American citizen have been killed with weapons knowingly provided to criminals by our own government during Operation Fast and Furious. If Eric Holder was aware that was going on, do you think he should step down as Attorney General? Were you aware that was going on and if so, shouldn’t you resign?

2) In 2010 you said Solyndra, which gave your campaign a lot of money, was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.” Today, Solyndra is bankrupt and the taxpayers lost $500 million on loans that your administration was well aware might never be paid off when you made them. What do you say to people who say this is evidence of corruption in your administration?

3) Unions invested a lot of time and money in helping to get you elected. In return, they gained majority control of Chrysler, the taxpayers lost 14 billion dollars on General Motors, and General Motors received a special 45 billion dollar tax break. What do you say to people who view this as corruption on a scale never before seen in American history?

4) Through dubious means, you and your allies in Congress managed to push through an incredibly unpopular health care bill that helped lead to the worst election night for the Democratic Party in 50 years. Since the bill has passed, many of your claims about the bill have proven to be untrue. For example, we now know the bill won’t lower costs and despite your assurances to the contrary, big companies like McDonald’s say they may drop health care because of the health care reform. Since the American people have rejected your health care reform and it doesn’t do what you said it would, shouldn’t you work with the Republicans to repeal it?

5) When you took office, gas was $1.79 per gallon. Since then, you’ve demonized the oil industry, dramatically slowed offshore drilling, blocked ANWR, and killed the Keystone Pipeline. Now, gas is $3.34 per gallon. How much higher do you anticipate driving gas prices?

6) Occupy Wall Street has been protesting against Wall Street and the richest 1 percent in America. You are in the top 1 percent of income earners in America and you have collected more cash from Wall Street than any other President in history. So, aren’t you exactly the sort of politician that Occupy Wall Street wants to get rid of?

7) How do you decide which foreign leaders to submissively bow towards and why do you think that’s appropriate for an American President?

8) If they could, don’t you think the Nobel Committee would take back the Nobel Peace Prize that you were awarded?

9) You made bipartisanship one of the central themes of your campaign in 2008. Yet, you’ve worked to push bills through Congress with almost no Republican support, spent much less time negotiating with Congress than George Bush, and you’ve said things like“But, I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.” Why did you decide to break your campaign promise to pursue bipartisanship?

10) America lost its AAA credit rating for the first time under your watch. What do you think you should have done differently to have prevented that historic failure?

11) You cut more than 500 billion dollars out of Medicare to fund your wildly unpopular health care reform bill. Given that Medicare is running in the red already, don’t you think it’s irresponsible to cut money out of one entitlement program, that millions of seniors depend on — to put it into a risky new entitlement program?

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Editor’s SOTU reaction….

OK so maybe it was a rehash of previous speeches… (whew talk about lazy speech writers)

And It also might be a wish list of half truths and not a real “to-do list”


WASHINGTON (AP) — It was a wish list, not a to-do list.

President Barack Obama laid out an array of plans in his State of the Union speech as if his hands weren’t so tied by political realities. There can be little more than wishful thinking behind his call to end oil industry subsidies – something he could not get through a Democratic Congress, much less today’s divided Congress, much less in this election year.

And there was more recycling, in an even more forbidding climate than when the ideas were new: He pushed for an immigration overhaul that he couldn’t get past Democrats, permanent college tuition tax credits that he asked for a year ago, and familiar discouragements for companies that move overseas.

A look at Obama’s rhetoric Tuesday night and how it fits with the facts and political circumstances:

OBAMA: “We have subsidized oil companies for a century. That’s long enough. It‘s time to end the taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s rarely been more profitable, and double-down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising.”

THE FACTS: This is at least Obama’s third run at stripping subsidies from the oil industry. Back when fellow Democrats formed the House and Senate majorities, he sought $36.5 billion in tax increases on oil and gas companies over the next decade, but Congress largely ignored the request. He called again to end such tax breaks in last year’s State of the Union speech. And he’s now doing it again, despite facing a wall of opposition from Republicans who want to spur domestic oil and gas production and oppose tax increases generally.

Be sure to read on to see the rest of “fact checking” from the normally in the tank for Obama AP just rips this SOTU to pieces.

My thoughts while watching:

Obama: It was wrong, it was irresponsible…

– which is why you were pressuring banks to make those bad loans when you worked for ACORN.  And the Dodd-Frank bill is forcing banks to do the same thing again!!


Obama: I will work with anyone

Editor: YOUR Senate leadership has refused to pass a budget in almost three years!!!


Obama: Masterlock is made in Wisconsin

Editor: Maybe those Master Locks can keep the EPA and the government looters out….

Conservative writer Sabra Feldman: Unbelievable. Obama just said that, during his time in office, “over 1,000 jobs came back over here.” 1,000 manufacturing jobs? What, is he kidding? What about the millions of manufacturing jobs that moved to China, Korea, and other countries, and the hundreds of thousands of R&D jobs that went mostly to India and China? Just to get the currently-unemployed out of work, 1,000 jobs would have to return here 15,000 times.

Chuck DeVore: Obama in state-of-the-union: proposes to tax multinational firms more. Word of advice: businesses don’t pay taxes, consumers do.

Obama: Mandate that kids stay in school to graduate or till 18

– wow the good students will flood out to private schools. ..hey wait…

Chuck DeVore: Obama advocates more Federal intervention in local education, federal money with strings attached.


Obama: Open more land for drilling

Editor: Open them for drilling but them stop them from actually drilling by halting the permit process with thousands of impossible regulations and lawsuits from your eco-whackies.


Obama: More Green Jobs money from Congress!

Karen Mayhew-Reagan: Full of new jobs, like those found at Solyndra.

Editor: All this clean energy stuff that fails but makes his pals rich with our money so they can donate back to Obama…


Obama: equal pay for equal work!

Chuck DeVore: Obama Calls for equal pay for equal work – you mean like how WNBA players get paid the same as NBA players?

Editor: It means he wants to hire more government employees until WNBA players make the same as NBA players….err until NBA players make the same as WNBA players? NO it is NOT – men and women doing the same job. Two lawyers at the same firm. Two admins in the same university office etc. It is the govt setting wages….


Obama: One place to go for all mortgages!

He is talking about a full nationalization of the mortgage industry… OMG.. And now he is saying don’t destroy the free market LOL

Olga Mancuso: I’m having a brain stem hemorrhage…please send the death panels. If I could snort my scotch I WOULD to numb my brain quickly….

Editor: A Living will – the Banks have already been turned into virtual GSE’s… who the heck does he think he is kidding??? Prosecute who? Bawney Frank?? I think not… more like scape-goating.

Chuck DeVore: Obama calls for banks to write a “living will” as to how they’ll pay if they go bust (will be used against them in court by Federal prosecutors).

Editor: To prosecute them for doing what the government forced them to do in the first place.

Karen Mayhew-Reagan: I make 72k year, my husband is unemployed. How dumb does this guy think I am?


Obama: Put aside partisanship and lets work together!

Mark Souder: The gall. Attacks Republicans all night but then calls for bi-partisanship. The gall

Mark Souder: We work as a team, you rich insider-trading, oil-dripping heasrtless Republicans – we need to work together.

Editor: It is so typical of him. He asks for bi-partisanship after locking Republicans out and lying about them.

Ted Welsh: He is now on record as suceeding in and /or for doing all the things that the conservatives have been demanding. Oh, except that the government will run it all. Man what a con.


Obama: US and Israel are closer than ever!

Chuck DeVore: Obama says US and Israel are closer than ever. (Saying so, makes it so, I suppose)

Editor: Well Chuck, that whole 1967 thing really fired up the warm fuzzies….


Obama: America is back!

Mark Souder: He didn’t mean America was back. He meant that big government is back. The “era of big government is over” is, well, over.

Former John Kerry Staffer Arrested For Outing CIA Operatives Who Interrogated Top Al-Qaeda Leaders…

Valerie Plame call your office… ummm Washington Post? Hello?

Weasel Zippers:

The WaPo and AP fail to mention the John Kerry connection.

(Politico) — A former CIA officer was charged Monday with disclosing the identity of a covert CIA officer and with telling journalists the name an agency officer involved with the interrogation of alleged Al Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah.

The Justice Department charged that John Kiriakou, 47, who worked as a CIA officer from 1990 to 2004, revealed the information to journalists and that one reporter passed some of the secrets onto attorneys representing prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Kiriakou’s case is the sixth leak-related criminal prosecution brought since President Barack Obama took office, a figure that exceeds the number of such cases in all previous administrations combined.

“Safeguarding classified information, including the identities of CIA officers involved in sensitive operations, is critical to keeping our intelligence officers safe and protecting our national security,” Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement. “Today’s charges reinforce the Justice Department’s commitment to hold accountable anyone who would violate the solemn duty not to disclose such sensitive information.”

CIA Director David Petraeus said Monday that “CIA fully supported the investigation from the beginning and will continue to do so.”

Petraeus also reminded CIA personnel of their duty to keep secret matters secret.

Ultimately, “the investigative team concluded that no laws were broken by the defense team,” the complaint says. It adds that defense attorneys never told the terror suspects the names of those in the photos.

However, the investigation — assigned to U.S. Attorney in Chicago Patrick Fitzgerald to avoid conflicts with Justice Department lawyers working on prosecuting Guantanamo pirsoners — focused on government employees who might have leaked the identities of the officers.

Kiriakou worked for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as a Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigator from March 2009 to April 2011, according to Senate records.

Read more at Politico …

Romney Campaign Run by Charlie Crist’s Political Aides…

Former Governor Charlie Crist left the Republican Party and ran as an independent against Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race in a blatant attempt to get the Democrat in the race elected.



Charlie Crist with Mitt Romney
Charlie Crist with Mitt Romney


Romney’s “Charlie Crist” problem is this: Romney’s chief campaign strategist and several of his most senior campaign staff were Crist’s top political advisers — the same ones who crafted Crist’s moderate, ignore-the-tea-party strategy epitomized in Crist’s famous “hug” of President Barack Obama. That strategy led Crist, once the most popular Republican governor in the nation, to defeat.

Crist’s erstwhile political team was led by controversial GOP strategist Stuart Stevens. Stevens and partner Russ Schriefer are the principals in the high-profile Stevens & Schriefer Group consultant firm and are playing the lead role in crafting Romney’s primary and national campaign strategy.

According to the Stevens & Schriefer website, the firm had a long history with Crist, serving as chief strategists for his bids for education commissioner, attorney general, governor, and later for the U.S. Senate.

Other senior Crist political aides from his failed Senate campaign now hold key posts in Romney’s campaign. Amanda Henneberg, who had served as  Crist’s press secretary, now is a spokeswoman with the Romney 2012 campaign. Likewise, Andrea Saul, who was Crist’s communications director, now is Romney’s press secretary.

Sarah Palin: Gov. Christie making “Newb mistakes” with the elite media

Sarah is spot on. A total Rookie mistake that will be used against Newt if he is the nominee. This was David Gregory looking to generate sounds bites for Obama to use in commercials later.

If/When Newt is the nominee and Christie endorses Newt this sound bite will be used against both Newt and Gov. Christie’s reelection.

Notice that you don’t see John McCain on the Sunday shows bashing his fellow Republicans any more. He used to all the time. He learned his lesson.

Not to mention that this new narrative on “Newt being an embarrassment” relies on a series of incomplete facts. This is just Mitt Romney out to destroy his opponents again and it really doesn’t matter what the full facts are.