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If George Soros is so into promoting socialism, why does he go to such lengths to enrich himself often at the expense of others?

I was asked the question in the title so I thought I would provide a short answer with some supporting evidence. Socialists like Soros are not truly into socialism, they are into control. Envy is the tool and socialism is … Continue reading

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Romney Supporter Florida AG Pam Bondi Says Mitt Wants Romneycare In Every State

In the process she tells whopping lies about RomneyCare in Massachusetts. Pam Bondi says that RomneyCare cuts costs and expands choice, both claims are shown to be false with just minutes of research. As far as cutting costs, RomneyCare was not … Continue reading

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Is “the establishment GOP” trying to make a third party to protect Democrats forever?

I heard Trent Lott on the radio trashing conservatives to protect Mitt Romney. I can’t say that I am very surprised but I sure am disappointed. Sometimes I really believe that the so called “inside Republican establishment” would rather have … Continue reading

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Ann Barnhardt’s Mailbag

We do not post about religion and God as much as we should, so to help remedy that we present to you Ann Barnhardt’s mailbag. No matter what you may think of her politics Ann gives a great testimony. You … Continue reading

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Ann Barnhardt and Sarah Palin featured in “Not Romney”

Ann Barnhardt: Well, some people have taken that video of mine and built an entire 52 minute piece around it, inserting citations, clips of Romney himself, news stories, and all kinds of HILARIOUS pop-culture references. There are movie clips, Randall … Continue reading

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CBS: Obama Admin knew green energy boondoggles were politically motivated

These companies get a big chunk of tax-dollars, the companies are ran by Obama fundraising bundlers and/or contributors; they write a big check to Obama for President, pay themselves fat and go out of business. CBS News: Via Real Clear … Continue reading

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