WHO’s New ‘COVID Origins Investigation’ Team: CCP Advisors & Known Wuhan Lab Collaborators/Liars.

So why is it that we pay most of the budget for the World health Organization (WHO) and yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls it? 

This is why President Trump pulled us out of WHO and for the exact same reasons why Joe Biden put us back in…..namely that the CCP is still in charge. 
So the WHO, in light of new evidence that COVID19 came from a lab, created it’s seconde investigative team, as the first one was discredited because it was doing the bidding of the CCP. 

The Second team not only has many of the same people from the first team, but includes people directly involved in the Wuhan coverup who signed the Lancet Letter which claims that anyone who thinks the virus came from a lab is a wild conspiracy theorist, but released emails from those who wrote the letter show that not only did they know the virus was created in a lab, they helped secure American funding for it. 

National Pulse

The second round of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) origins investigation effort follows the first round of investigators, which included individuals who failed to disclose their ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Chinese Communist Party, despite confidently dispelling the “lab leak” theory.

Team member Christian Drosten, one of the 26 newly announced investigators, was a signatory on the infamous Lancet letter on the origins of COVID-19, which was organized by chief Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborator and Anthony Fauci-funded researcher Peter Daszak. The letter prematurely debunked the possibility of COVID-19 counting lab origins and failed to disclose its authors’ conflicts of interest.

Another individual appointed to the WHO team, Supaporn Wacharapluesadee, is also tied to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.

Wacharapluesadee was listed as a co-investigator on a grant application led by Daszak from August 2020. The paper focused on the emergence of zoonotic diseases in Southeast Asia with experiments including the “building of chimeric SARS-like bat coronaviruses.”

Holdovers from the WHO’s original, compromised COVID-19 origins investigation team account for six members of the new team:

  • Marion Koopmans;
  • Thea Fischer;
  • John Watson;
  • Vladimir Dedkov;
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet;
  • Elmoubasher Farag.

The National Pulse has previously exposed Marion Koopmans’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party, including advising Chinese state-run scientific bodies and accepting grants from the regime.

In an interview unearthed by The National Pulse, fellow holdover Thea Fischer admitted that the previous WHO investigation was not a “lab audit” but merely a question-and-answer exercise with Wuhan lab personnel.

The WHO effort also features Yungui Yang, the Deputy Director at the Chinese Communist Party-run Beijing Institute of Genomics.

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