Must See: The Outrageous Biden Admin Appeal of the Court Appointed Special Master To Oversee Trump Raid Docs.

The Florida District Court ruled, in the name of transparency and to better serve Separation of Powers, that the 11.000 documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago be turned over to a court appointed Special Master to see what documents are relevant to the dispute between the Office of President Trump and the Biden Administration.

Of the 11,000 documents seized, only 100 have classification markings. As we have reported earlier, when documents are declassified the markings are not made of disappearing ink and do not simply vanish. Documents with “Classification Markings” is a legally meaningless term.  The Biden Administration, in a truly outrageous filing with the Florida District Court, asserts that President Trump is not entitled to any presumption of innocence, that the “markings” automatically mean the documents are classified, which is actually in dispute, as if the court has no role under these circumstances to settle such a dispute.

The FBI seized Trump’s family medical records scrap books, framed pictures, articles of clothing, attorney client provileged documents, and documents subject to executive privilege. 

The Department of Justice (DoJ) asserts that having a special mater appointed will do grievous harm to the country and the people. We have heard that before. When the Trump Administration declassified the FISA filings that showed how the FBI/DoJ lied to the court repeatedly in order to spy on Trump and attempt to set him up as a traitor working for Vladimir Putin, they said the same thing as you can see in the tweets below. 

Links corresponding to the pictures below incase the tweets are deleted LINK1LINK2LINK3. Click the screen shots to enlarge:

The Biden Administration court filing gets even more outrageous in ways we cannot give justice to. Below is a detailed review of the filing by famed defense attorney Robert Gouveia. We encourage you to watch every minute so you can see just how off the rails the government’s claims are. 


4 thoughts on “Must See: The Outrageous Biden Admin Appeal of the Court Appointed Special Master To Oversee Trump Raid Docs.”

  1. When TV attorneys/national security experts said that Trump declassifying the Trump/Russia hoax FISA Docs would present grave national security risks etc. – and when it was declassified and showed the DoJ perpetrated a fraud against the court where were they?

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