We Have The Unsealed Affidavit The FBI Swore Gave Probable Cause to Raid Trump.

Do you remember when the Trump/Russian collusion hoax was in full swing and Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff would come out of the congressional secret document reading area call the “SCIF” and tell us how he saw all of this evidence that Trump was an agent of Putin? 

When it all came out not only was there no real evidence,  there was poorly manufactured evidence like the Steele Dossier which couldn’t hold up. Plenty of “evidence” marked Top Secret SCI to keep from revealing “sources and methods” ended up being the methods FBI /DoJ used to set up President Trump.

The FBI/DoJ even used as evidence anonymous sourced press reports that appeared in the Washington Post and the New York Times. The secret redacted “evidence” reveled that the FBI/DoJ planted those anonymous reports there in the first place. That particular tactic is called the “wrap-up smear.”

The full (redacted) FBI Affidavit released by Judge Reinhart can be seen HERE: Trump-raid-affidavit

When it comes to the probable cause part of the affidavit most of what we get is this: 

So much for Judge Bruce Reinhart’s promise that he would push back against the DoJ if they over redacted, but we are not surprised as the judge is an admitted Trump hater who posted his hate on social media.  It is almost like they picked this particular inexperienced, low ranking judge deliberately.

As for the parts of the affidavit that aren’t redacted, the FBI submitted as “evidence” a couple of media reports, such as they saw people loading some boxes on the President’s helicopter….sounds ominous. They also submitted as probable cause to the court, that when the documents at Mar-a-Lago were reviewed before, some of them had classified and secret markings on them. 

As we reported earlier, a president can declassify any document at will and when he does so the classification markings on the documents do not magically vanish like disappearing ink.

The case law on this is clear, a president or former president having documents with classification markings on them is not probable cause that a crime has been committed. 

So far what has been delivered fits the same pattern as the Trump/Russia hoax. 


Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes:


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