Anti-Establishment Musician Tom MacDonald Has Huge Sales, So Why Haven’t You heard of Him?

Anti-establishment music has always been a thing it seems, except for lately. The folk music from the 1960’s to the alternative and punk music of the 90’s. Yet today, aside form a few brave country songs, anti-establishment music with a real message seems to have all but disappeared. 


Is just that cooperate media has been silencing it on their platforms?

Tom MacDonald has managed to post huge sales numbers in spite of the censorship. Two of his singles are in the videos below. It seems if Billboard and other “music charts” were to report his sales honestly MacDonald would have had several #1’s.

Tim Pool has put out a non-political song that has amazing sales as well, but since Tim Pool is also a journalist who scoffs at many corporate media narratives most will not report on his music success. 


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