Harassment: DoJ/FBI Told CNN Repeatedly They Were Arresting Jared Kushner That Morning

It is old news that the DoJ/FBI were invested in election interference and were invested in manufacturing evidence for the Trump/Russian collusion hoax, but what was not known is just how far they went to harass and distract the Trump Administration. 

Jared Kushner:

I had several days where I would wake up and see a bunch of video cameras outside my house, so I called my lawyer and say ‘What’s going on?’ He said, ‘Well I called CNN and they say they are getting tips from the Justice Department that you are going to be arrested (over Russian collusion)…’

Kushner reveals just how close the relationship was between the Trump White House and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is/was. Kushner said that he was on the phone with Governor DeSantis every day, sometimes twice, to make sure Florida had everything they needed in the pandemic. 

The corporate media makes like there is a wedge and some sort of hostility between Gov. DeSantis and President Trump, the truth is that they have a close relationship. Political insiders such as Robert Barnes say that Trump and DeSantis will be running together in 2024 as a unified ticket.

See more of our Jared Kushner coverage HERE.


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