PROPAGANDA: How Democrats & Their Corporate Media Allies “Controversialize” Trump

The hoax pattern used again and again. They call names and leak stuff like “what if he took nuke codes” or “What if Trump is an agent of Putin” in a never ending drum beat of implied accusations. Many hear it and think “He must be guilty of something because all these accusations are all I hear about.” 

Is Trump a racist?” is not a question. It is an implied accusation. Trump was winning awards for all he did for minority communities before he ran for President. The discerning voter needs to be aware when the left and their corporate media allies “controversialize” someone. 

Donald Trump called someone a horse face! OH MY! Those tweets!


Democrats call Republicans racist, sexist, bigot, NAZI, traitor, want old people dead, hate children, and every variation of it virtually every day. So forgive sensible people if they do not get animated about Trump calling someone a horse face. Why the double standard on Trump? Why does he get all the selective outrage?

This video is a great example: 

Famed Author Scott Adams explains how they controversialize Trump in only the way he can. He calls it “The Wrap Up Smear” as they use the same hoax pattern again and again.

Veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson has written a book on this propaganda technique.  She has pointed out the use of this technique on news shows and gave a lecture  this and other commonly used propaganda techniques at Hillsdale College. The lecture is linked below:

Controversialization is a clever and more subtle form of gaslighting.
Don’t fall for it. In fact, push back against this tactic hard.


Below is a video clip from the Joe Rogan Podcast.  You will see, at least in part, Rogan has been taken in by “controversialization” propaganda.