Westerner Making CCP Propaganda Film Accidentally Exposes Tyrannical Reality

The Chinese government pays westerners to make propaganda films and social media videos for them. There are youtubers who make $2,000-$4,000 a month doing this. 

This gentleman below, who obviously is not the sharpest pencil in the box, did not do a very good job of concealing the fact that he was surrounded by security minders and even a film crew with a long lends who got too close form time to time.

Must See: Loudoun County Parent/School Board Candidate Speaks Out

Remember Loudoun County Schools? They were cramming CRT down kids throats. Six year old’s were coming home saying that the teacher told her she was evil because she is white. They enacted a trans bathroom policy that resulted in two rapes, which the school board illegally did not report, covered up and went so far as to call the police and send lawyers after the victim’s parents. 

Now a grand jury is investigating the school board.

This is the same school board that was in collusion to get Biden’s DoJ to go after parents complaining at school board meetings because they must be “domestic terrorists.”

Posobiec: “Name one mass shooting that the FBI has stopped.” (video)

Jack Posobiec makes a good point here. There have been several mass shooters who were either known to the FBI or in actual contact with FBI informants/agents shortly before the murders. 

One might say that we only know about the FBI’s failures. Sorry, criminal events are not classified and the FBI since Clinton was President has been desperate for good press. Successes would not just be leaked, they would be publicized. 

What the FBI has been caught doing is manufacturing evidence, entrapment, lying to the FISA courts, lying to judges, illegally withholding discovery and more. 

Veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson reports on Full Measure that in case after case after case the FBI dropped the ball; surveilling would be mass shooters only to let them carry out the shooting. 

In one case the FBI was actually following a would be mass shooter to where he started shooting and the FBI ran away letting would be victims fend for themselves.

YouTube has censored Attkisson’s report by age restricting it, thus eliminating it from being suggested in searches or your YouTube home page. You must go to YouTube directly and be a YouTube subscriber to see the video: 

Why is Mike Pence Endorsing Open Border, Globalist, Swamp Creature RINO’s?

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been endorsing open border, pro civilian disarmament, weak on abortion, John McCain style globalist candidates.

In Wisconsin Pence endorsed former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefish over business owner Tim Michaels who has been strong on school choice, fighting CRT, ending the border/cartel chaos, and clearly has a platform akin to that of Ron DeSantis.

Kleefish, who served as Lt. Governor under Scott Walker did a good job by previous Republican standards. The party has changed. The whole lower some taxes and regulations and do very little to advance the ball, communicate, fight for and sell a positive agenda to push back on all the damage that has been done by Democrats just does not cut it any more.

Pence has endorsed Karrin Taylor Robson for Governor of Arizona who is far behind in polling against MAGA candidate Kari Lake. Robson had to, like so many establishment backed candidates, reverse previous statements supporting an open border, civilian disarmament and other issues when she decided to run for office.

In the interest of full disclosure, while V.P. Pence and yours truly are not friends, this writer has known him since he was a local radio host in Indiana.  He is a very nice man, but that is also his problem. Pence has shown time and time again he has no stomach for conflict. He caved repeatedly to the corporate media/Democrat narrative when he was Conference Leader in the House, he caved on basic First Amendment freedoms, RFRA, and other areas when he was Indiana’s Governor and  has continued to cave when pressured. He is a great guy who is simply a disappointment.

China Kidnapped a Federal Reserve Economist to Get Secrets. Buying Land Near Military Bases. Stealing Intellectual Property.

The Biden administration has not taken appropriate measures to defend ourselves. Why do you think that is? The FBI is always “investigating”, but what of significance gets done?

Thirteen Federal Reserve workers in eight of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks were connected to China’s influence campaign, essentially spying for China. 

Democrat Member of Congress Eric Swalwell was sleeping with a Chinese Spy. They let her go and took no action against him.

Democrats Strip China Protections From Semiconductor Bill. US Tax Money and Intellectual Property Goes to China Again.

The whole point of the CHIPS Act semiconductor bill was to invest  billions to get more computer chip production and R&D here in the United States as most of it is in Taiwan. A Chinese invasion of Taiwan could cripple the world economy. 

So much for that. 

With the China protections removed not only will your money be hand over to Chinese manufacturing, but American companies who product in China, under CCP rules, must had over all intellectual property. This is how the Chinese military has been getting advanced so quickly. Those weapons may very well end up being used against our young people in uniform.

We often write about the Chinese Communist Party influence over the Democratic Party. How much worse will it get than this? 

Biden Admin in Recession Denial. Changing Definitions of Words, More Green Boondoggles, Taxes on Energy. Foodbanks Overwhelmed.

Afghanistan, Hunter’s Laptop, the border, the vaxx, green energy, inflation, and now the recession. Democrats have lied about everything and now are not even good attempts at deception. 

The Biden Administration has taken recession denial to a whole new level to the point of just believing that can change the meaning of economic terms that we have used for decades whenever it suits them.

They are not qualified to manage a food truck – Sen. Kennedy

Gov. Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan to Fight Klaus Schwab’s ESG “Woke” Economic Warfare

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. It is a version of the “social credit score” imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to squash all dissent.
The World Economic Forum (WEF), the CCP, as well as far left mega-investors such as George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Blackrock are using their market power and allies to pressure groups like PayPal to freeze donations to groups such as Moms4Liberty who work for educational transparency and parental rights in education. They pressure persons and companies to not invest in American energy, agriculture, firearms manufacturers or companies owned by Christians.

They work with BigTech to censor those who oppose their agenda. They want to implement the “green new deal” and cut farming in half. They are also involved with the Bill Gates initiative to get ordinary people to quit eating meat and eat insects and algae for proteins.

The WEF elites will continue to eat steak, fly on private jets and party on their yachts.

The country of Sri Lanka implemented the ESG agenda attaining a 98% ESG score. In doing so they put their farmers out of business, caused massive food and supply shortages, mass unemployment which lead to  economic collapse. The people revolted and literally ran their government officials out of the country.

Holland, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Italy, are not as far along in implementing ESG, but food shortages, inflation, energy shortages, and unemployment are already leading to great social unrest. 

Remember what the WEF says, You will own nothing and like it.

FBI Whistleblowers: DoJ is Declaring Credible Evidence of Biden Family Crimes “Foreign Disinformation”

You guessed it…”RUSSIA!”
In questioning under oath Members of Congress gave the FBI the opportunity to say unequivocally that the Biden family is not compromised and they wouldn’t do it.

The evidence mounts. Time after time after time Biden caves to the interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). So much so that the conclusion is inescapable.

The crimes include tax evasion from not reporting the income, bribes, violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) (acting as agents for China and Ukraine), and influence peddling. 

Savage! Justice Alito mocks “foreign leaders” who condemned recent Supreme Court rulings (video)

Justice Sam Alito speaks to Notre Dame Law School’s summit on religious liberty. He returns fire to his critics.

Alito also addresses how the left fundamentally misunderstands the Bill of Rights in order to square it with their secular statist ideology. He points out that Catholic Charities have been servicing orphans and providing adoption services on this continent since 1729.  Along comes some “enlightened” leftist who decides that Freedom of Religion means that Catholics must be expelled from providing these services by force from the state.

Trump’s Virtues by Tom Klingenstein: Courage Never Demands Perfection (video)

They say that they want Trump’s policies and courage and will to fight but without his baggage or vices. This view shows a fundamental lack of understanding that one never gets into a fist fight without getting his hands dirty. 

Trump revealed—not “caused”—the divide in this country. He shifted the Overton Window and gave his supporters the breathing room to voice their discontents. This may have been his most important achievement, made possible by qualities independent of policy. You cannot win a war unless you know you are in one.

Words, Meanings, Propaganda, and Violence.

“When government surveillance and intimidation is called ‘freedom from terrorism’ or ‘liberation from crime’, freedom and liberty have become words without meanings. The rhetoric in Washington has done more to defeat liberty than all the armies and police forces in the world.

Meaning does not exist a priori. It is order imposed by individuals with arsenals of communication devices. Every inscription, every utterance, every gesture seeks to dominate the plain of meaning. Real violence is only an extension of this process. This war all around us is being fought over the very meanings of words.” – Chad Dumier

Dershowitz: Bannon Guilty Verdict Will Almost Certainly be Vacated on Appeal. Bannon Among Top China Critics Targeted by Biden DoJ.

Steve Bannon left the White House three years before January 6th. He wasn’t there and had nothing to do with it, yet the illegally formed January 6th Committee (Republican leader wasn’t allowed to appoint members in violation of House rules) illegally subpoenaed all of Steve Bannon’s communications with President Trump. 

The subpoena is also illegal because it does not serve a legislative purpose and it violates “Executive Privilege.” Executive Privilege is a staple of “Separation of Powers.” A President cannot get honest advice from anyone if they are going to be legally harassed and/or dragged before a committee each time they speak to the President.

The Pelosi hand picked January 6th Committee and Biden’s Department of Justice (DoJ) are trying to use this committee to do an end run around Executive Privilege which they know will not be allowed by the Supreme Court. It is the committee’s hope that Bannon and other “convictions” can be used as a weapon in the mid-term elections if they can delay an appeals court or the Supreme Court reversing the conviction until November. 

There are other reasons the Bannon conviction will be overturned, chief among them is that the corrupt lower court judge refused to let Bannon subpoena his witnesses or put on any meaningful defense. 

The Biden Administration has been targeting top critics of the Chinese Communist Party, who is in business with Hunter Biden.

Famed Canadian Attorney Viva Frei reviews the Steve Bannon subpoena and just how outrageous it is:

Biden Cabinet Secretaries Continue to Celebrate High Gas Prices

Biden Energy Secretary: World Upheaval is good because it allows us to more easily push our agenda.

Biden sends 900,000 barrels of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Chinese firm Hunter invested in.

Members of Congress submitted a bill to disallow sale of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China, but EVERY Democrat voted no. The corruption is in your face.

New York Post

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee sent a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Wednesday demanding to know why the Biden administration sold oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese company linked to Hunter Biden’s investment firm.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the top GOP member on the panel, and 18 of his colleagues are questioning why the Department of Energy exported 900,000 barrels of oil to Unipec America — a subsidiary of Sinopec, a Chinese-owned gas company that received billions of dollars from an investment firm connected to the disgraced first son.

“The decision to sell to Unipec raises questions about why the Biden Administration is selling oil from the SPR to China, especially when the sale may enrich Hunter Biden, the President’s son,” the letter says.

“This transaction is even more troubling given that evidence continues to mount showing the Biden family peddled access to the highest levels of government to enrich themselves,” added Comer. 


Probe Into Sex Assault Coverups At Loudoun County Schools Continues

Remember that Loudoun County School Board? They out in a new “trans” bathroom policy which resulted in rapes in girls bathrooms. They broke the law by not reporting it and the father of one of the raped women had police waiting to arrest him at the behest of the school board when he showed up to complain. Unfortunately that was the beginning of the school board’s outrageous behavior and not the end. 

Then the National School Board Association in rather obvious cahoots with Loudoun County worked with White House operatives to get Biden’s FBI to consider protesting parents to be domestic terrorists. Homeland Security agents started showing up to Loudoun School Board meetings. This resulted in multiple school boards and states withdrawing from the organization and Democrat’s in Virginia being thrown out of office. 

Loudoun County School board is still in denial and going to far as to file hail Mary lawsuits claiming they are the victim.

Democrat Committee Chair admits so called “Assault Weapon Bill” would ban most guns in common use. “That is the point of the bill.”


Billions for African & Ukrainian Farmers, American Farmers Get Regulations Designed to Bankrupt Them (video).

In Europe, Sri Lanka, and Argentina, at the behest of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF), “progressives” have passed laws that are expressly designed to put farmers out of business, ranging in everything from food shortages, to riots, to complete economic collapse as in the case of Sri Lanka. 

Gun Control Democrats Denounce Hero Who Stopped Mass Shooter in Indiana.

But they say that they don’t want to take away your 2nd Amendment rights…..just your guns. It is almost like they are disappointed that the mass shooter was stopped in the place where constitutional carry was just passed.

China cuts off citizens in two provinces from accessing bank accounts. Rolls in tanks.

Since most American corporate media will never critique China, here are two news agencies from India reporting it: 

Latestly News: Chinese Tanks Roll on Streets to Scare Henan Bank Protestors – LINK

The Print: Chinese tanks roll on streets to scare Henan Bank protestors – LINK