FBI Director Wray Still Sticking With Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax

There comes a time when someone has lost so much credibility violated the public trust so many times that the benefit pf the doubt afforded to normal people is no longer applied.  FBI Director Chris Wray stepped over that line long ago as you can see by our voluminous coverage of his lies and corruption.

The answers Congress gets form Director Wray can be summed up on the following: 

1 – “That is an ongoing investigation” – even after three years where whistleblowers are telling Congress you are burying the evidence. 

2 – “That is very concerning and I have put in place rules to address that” – only to have the DoJ Inspector General Report that not only are the violations not fixed, they are getting worse. 

3 – “The FBI is not in the habit of targeting journalists and innocents based on political ideology” – while FBI SWAT teams and agents continue to do just that. 

4 – “I don’t know about that so I will follow up with an answer in writing” – only to tell the Congress in writing that he refuses to answer the question.

5 – “I am not familiar with that or that particular person” even though they hold high ranking positions on the DC Field Office. 

FBI Director: We Are Too Busy to Protect Supreme Court Justices From Intimidation, But Grandmas Who Took Selfies at the Capitol….

Disgraced FBI Director Chris Wray

There comes a time when the corruption and lies are so bad that the pretense of “objective” reporting has to be set aside in the name of the truth when that truth is a threat to the country.

FBI Director Chris Wray is corrupt and lawless. An examination of not just our coverage of FBI misconduct, but the Department of Justice Inspector General who has released report after report showing how the FBI breaks more rules than they follow.

Whistleblowers at the FBI have revealed that Director Wray has brought four of the most partisan and corrupt FBI agents to Washington DC and put them in charge of politically sensitive investigations to weaponize the FBI against Republicans.

US Code section 1507 makes it a crime to “protest” a judge in order to intimidate them into changing a legal decision.  Democrat pressure groups put out the home addresses of Supreme Court Justices, followed them to restaurants, but out cash bounties to report any places that they went. Democrat members of Congress encouraged this behavior as did the Biden Administration who were angered about a leaked decision that reversed Roe v Wade.

The FBI flat out refused to enforce the law. Director Wray says they are too busy. But they are not too busy sending FBI SWAT teams after innocent journalists. They are seeking out and arresting elderly people who were at the Capitol taking selfies on January 6th that were let in by police. These people have been held without bail while the government violates their right to a speedy trial and does everything they can to resist court mandated discovery.  

Wray has also sent the FBI after critics of the Chinese Communist Party as well as conservative activists such as Brandon Straka who never went into the Capitol on January 6th but got the SWAT treatment anyways.

Guess who is running the FBI Washington DC Field Office….

FBI Director Chris Wray, according to his own testimony before Congress, seems to know next to nothing about what is going on in the Washington DC field office and several of his Deputy Directors.

Remember that “plot” just before the 2020 election of so called “right wing white supremacist Trump supporters” who were out to Kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer?

In short, twelve of the “plotters” were agents or civilians paid by the FBI. A lead agent and a highly paid informant were involved in other criminal activity of their own. One of the civilians caught up in the FBI plot was mentally deficient, described by a psychiatrist expert witness as one who “presents extraordinary susceptibility to influence and suggestion.” The FBI also resisted court mandated discovery.

The Jury was incredulous by the FBI conduct. Two were acquitted and for two more their trial was declared a mistrial.

This was yet another attempt to engage in election interference by the FBI.

To see the details of just how improper and illegal FBI conduct was see:



The agent overseeing the entire illegal entrapment operation, Steven D’Antuono, is now in Washington DC and is in charge of the January 6th investigation.