Tucker Carlson: A Clinic About Weaponized Government Under Joe Biden (video)

The FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, IRS, BLM, EPA and more have been weaponized against citizens.

This is a must see. Tucker Carlson at his very best.

Jesse Watters And Scott Adams Have A Field Day With The Democrats’ Trump/Espionage Claim (video)

Jesse Watters delivers an epic, hilarious take down of the Democrat’s new “espionage” narrative. Every few days a new “leaked” and “anonymous narrative is put out in the corporate media.

Famed author and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams uses a long form Socratic method dissecting the FBI/Democrat narrative, his videos are long but so worth your time. If by the end of watching you are not convinced what he is saying is true, nothing ever will.  

Adams also takes on the “espionage” narrative and explains how the Democrats put out a new lie every few days. It is called the “Wrap Up Smear.” The Wrap-up smear works by the Biden Admin “leaking” a lie such as the nuclear weapons’ narrative to the press and then the government says “See! See! We were justified because look at what is in the New York Times!” 

Jesse and Scott point out, “Would the FBI plant evidence? Well, they have done it before.”

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