Megyn Kelly: Good Riddance Dr. Fauci! Reveals the Truth About His Lies.

Dr. Fauci lied to the Trump Administration, he lied under oath to Congress repeatedly, his own emails and NIH released documents reveal just how politicized and corrupt “the science” had become.  Fauci lied to protect the CCP and he lied to protect grants he signed off on to pay for “gain of function” (weaponizing biologicals) to the very Wuhan, China lab where Covid 19 is believed to have originated. He used his position to conspire with others, including Big tech, to silence other doctors and scientists who published accurate data sets and information that went against his political narrative. 

Megyn Kelley does a good job of summing it up in a short video.

Network Exec: Can Disney make anything that isn’t woke crap?

Former Network Executive Paul Chato nails the problem with Disney in six minutes. The board members of Disney are all rich and sit on several boards. They simply do not care if they run the company into the ground so long as they keep getting invited to press events and Hollywood social gatherings. 

The second vide is from a media reviewer who calls herself Baggage Claim. We do not know who she is but she really gets it. Her video is an intellectual feast. We can’t wait to see more from her. 

UPDATE on She-Hulk from our Former Network Exec: The Show Runners are Incompetent:

Revealing Jared Kushner Interview /w Brian Kilmeade (video)

This is one of the most important post Trump first term interviews we have seen and shows why everyone should read Kushner’s book. We have a much better understanding of the infighting and inside baseball that went on in the Trump White House. 

Jared Kushner is an organizational genius. This has been known about him since long before he married into the family. That said Kushner will never win awards for charisma when compared to hyper charismatic veteran political street fighters like Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon.  Without Steve and Kellyanne there would not have been a Trump presidency and without them there will not be one in 2024. Kushner understands that.

Those who really want to do good for the country are not just fighting the Democrats and their corporate media allies, they are also fighting an entrenched establishment that is getting wealthy grifting the status quo. Veteran political warriors like Kellyanne or Steve might not have realized when to take the boxing gloves off and pull out teaspoons of honey. The Republican Party is diverse. The tribes need to come together to get things done.  There are times when having the “being ready to fight” mentality can get in the way of actually getting policy done. 

When things are not getting done and President Trump had to bring in someone who is a prodigy at it feathers were ruffled.  See how Jared reacts when having those ruffled feathers thrown back in his face. He is gracious and accommodating and even now works to bring healing with Kellyanne and Steve as we are all, in spite of our differences, on the same team. 

In his book, Kushner describes a meeting he had with a trade representative from the George W. Bush Administration. The former official disagreed with the Trump/Kushner approach of using carrots and sticks such as tariffs against the Chinese, who had been cheating on our trade deals for as long as we can remember. Kushner asked the Bush official what he would do when the Chinese would not comply and the former official said that we should have “more rounds of talks.” Kushner replied, “So you want us to do the thing you couldn’t by doing it the same way you did.”   

Get his book HERE