Megyn Kelly: Democrats Embracing Outrageous Racism, Brief History of FBI Crimes, “The Science” Blew It, Afghanistan.

Megyn Kelly joins the famed “Ruthless Guys” on their podcast. 

Democrats are trying to be the “gatekeepers” on what it means to be black and if you defy them they will launch every racist attack in the book. Almost as if Democrats think they have some sort of ownership over black people like there is some sort of history there

It seems every institution Democrats have gotten a hold of is lying to us. The corporate media, the CDC, drug companies, the FBI, Justice Department and the Intelligence Community all lie to us brazenly.

Afghanistan is falling apart into a human disaster. 

FACEBOOK: Lie About Hunter Biden Laptop Being Russian Disinformation Came From the FBI…

Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop at a computer repair shop, forfeiting it to the shop owner. When the shop owner saw the crimes in the emails, photos and videos on the laptop he cloned the hard drive and gave copies to the FBI, Trump’s lawyers and certain Members of Congress as he suspected that the FBI might then be out to get him to protect the Biden’s. The shop owner ended up being correct.

The financial crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes and more you can read about some of them HERE

Remember when 51 members of the “Intelligence Community” openly lied saying that the laptop was not genuine and that it came from Russia? Some of the 51 bragged on social media that they did lie and it was worth it to “get Donald Trump.” 

Twitter censored the story outright. they banned sharing links to the story, they suspended the New York Post and other publications that reported the story and Mark Zuckerberg dances around what Facebook did, which is to essentially shadow ban the story.

Remember, if you question our oligarchs you are a threat to democracy.

Megyn Kelly – They fucking knew!