Trump Backed “MAGA” Candidates Sweep August Primary Elections. Liz Cheney Defeated 2-1.

Kari Lake

The Republican establishment oligarchy (Republicans who formed a “uniparty” with their Democrat friends) is going down in primary elections across the country. So of course this is a “threat to democracy” just ask CNN.

In the Congress MAGA targeted ten Republicans who voted for impeachment. Some had polling that was so bad that they decided to retire, the other incumbents are being defeated in their primaries in spite of outspending their grassroots opponents sizably.

Liz Cheney, a member of Bush Royalty in the Republican Party, was defeated by a two to one margin by Harriet Hageman.

Liz Cheney will be fine as she has amassed a $44 million net worth while serving as a Member of Congress. 

The MAGA candidates displayed a take no quarter boldness unseen before Trump. This may be moment when Liz Cheney lost the election:

Sarah Palin is going on to the general election to represent Alaska in Congress.

In Michigan grassroots candidate John Gibbs defeated the super wealthy incumbent Trump hater Pete Meijer. 
Tudor Dixon won her primary to face off against who is perhaps the most extreme leftist in politics today. That said, take it from us Tudor, you need to upgrade your comms. 

In Arizona, where in 2020 Democrats violated court orders, used force to remove Republican ballot inspectors, shorted ballots to GOP precincts for the second election in a row, destroyed subpoenaed election data, and stonewalled election transparency and obstructed law enforcement and legislative investigations… there were several key Republicans who went along with it. 

The McCain “uniparty” machine with the Democrats once controlled the State of Arizona. That day is almost over. Voters have had enough of the lies, broken promises and lack of action and elected in Trump backed “MAGA” candidates from stem to stern. 

Kari Lake defeated her Mike Pence backed establishment open borders opponent winning every county handily. It is not like the uniparty didn’t try to play games, because they did. In Pinal County, for the third election in a row, conservative precincts were shorted ballots again forcing voters to stay on line most of the night. The local Sherriff got involved causing a key county election official to abruptly resign. In Maricopa county, after four days, they had not even counted half of the ballots.  The numbers of voters who voted MAGA where simply too much to overcome. 

Here is just a taste of what you get when a far left corporate media journalist tries to play “gotcha” with Kari Lake. 

Mark Fincham won in the Secretary of State primary. The Republican uniparty Speaker of the Arizona House, Rusty Bowers, was defeated by MAGA candidate Dave Farnsworth.

Senate candidate Blake Masters defeated his establishment opponent. Masters campaign was a little kinder than Lake’s, but no less effective:


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