BLM Now Stands for Buy Lovely Mansions. Uses Hillary Clinton’s Law Firm Under Investigation by John Durham (video)

BLM used Democratic National Committee organizations (ActBlue) to raise money.  The “charity” money they raised are reportedly being used to find a lavish lifestyle for their leaders and they even bought a mansion.  

Of course they tried to hide this using Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie. The same law firm that is under investigation by special prosecutor John Durham who has been tasked with getting down to the bottom of the FBI/DoJ/Hillary Campaign collusion to manufacture evidence against Donald Trump to accuse him of collaborating with Russia. 

BLM raised over two billion dollars. Did they build schools or revitalize a black community? No. The black Americans who put faith in BLM and in the Democrats have been ripped off again.

Special Prosecutor Durham is not leaking to the media and is talking with their motions submitted to the courts. Here is the latest. 

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