Climate Hoax Professor Michael Mann has meltdown over hotel having Fox News (video)

Remember all of the doom and glom predictions from the 90’s about global warming? We have 12 years left to save the world, soon the coastlines will be flooded! Millions to die!

Michael Mann is a founding member of the climate alarmist nutcase crowd. He is the infamous creator of the “Hockey Stick” climate model. A model that was rigged so that no matter what data was inputted the result was that we all boiled in our own sweat.

Mann is also a key member of the “Climategate” scandal; a cabal of far left scientists who actively conspired to manipulate climate science data, manipulate the peer review process, and slander scientists who posted honest data sets. They also vowed that if anyone went to court to get their raw data, which was paid for by taxpayer grants, that they would destroy it so people could not see the truth. They carried out that threat.

Mann had a meltdown over a hotel having Fox News playing in one of their common area rooms. Jeremy from The Quartering has details:

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