Why Gov. Kristi Noem is an Exceptional Leader (video)

As we said in rule number two on responsible constitutional government:

Office holders should recognize and respect the limits of the office, work within the boundaries of their charter, and not exist for the purpose of expanding their power and influence.

She gets it:

One thought on “Why Gov. Kristi Noem is an Exceptional Leader (video)”

  1. CCPbioweapon virus Democraps fear so much they don’t fear it coming over our Souther Borders, it’s Americans UNvaccinated that do and $3.5Trillion bill filled with “get rich schemes for Democraps & their Re-elections” on top our current Dept of $29Trillion is being shoved down American Tax Payers again! FREE medical, housing, education & Voter ID only for Illegals with NO vacc ID required…not for Americans but Illegal Aliens! Trump is blamed for all Pedobidens FAILURES, Abandoning Americans in Afghan, Killing 13 US Soldiers with Afghan Civilians & Equiping Terrorist with $85Billion of US Weapons, Planes & Choppers! And, silence by Fakenews media of 27 other States are doing 2020 Election AUDITS after AZ audits proved VOTER FRAUDS in epic proportions…why!

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