‘Utterly Unacceptable’: Judge Blasts DC Jail for Not Allowing Jan. 6th Capitol Defendant Access to Evidence

And as you read the article you discover that it is dozens and perhaps hundreds of defendants who have been denied basic due process which means it is no accident. These people, most of which just followed the crowd, many of whom are elderly, have been sitting in jail with no bail, in some cases in solitary confinement, with no due process, bail, or discovery as mandated by the constitution. 

Epoch Times:

A federal Washington D.C. judge faulted a district jail on Thursday for failing to provide evidence to a defendant who was arrested for allegedly being involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach and has been held there for months.

Jorden Mink, the defendant in the case, was indicted (pdf) on several federal charges, including destruction of government property and theft. Mink, who has pleaded not guilty, has been held in jail since January. Officials have alleged Mink used a baseball bat to smash windows at the Capitol and passed furniture through the smashed windows to the crowd outside.

“I can’t allow someone to sit in prison for this long without access to material,” Judge Randolph Moss said at a court hearing on Thursday, saying the delay in evidence was “utterly unacceptable” and “not consistent with due process.”

As more journalists are beginning to admit, the government is illegally withholding evidence because the worst offenders who were breaking windows and egging people on were actually working for the FBI…..which explains why when police saw a few people breaking windows at the Capitol they just walked away…and the FBI while very interested in people who just walked into the Capital, seem to have no interest in finding the people who did property damage.  

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