Tucker: Media hates Trump with an all-consuming mania

Keep in mind that most media is owned by global corporations. Tucker, “These people wouldn’t know Russian information if it got into the shower with them…”

The elite media is lying and know it.

Yes, Media Are Rigging The Election Against Half The Country. Here’s How

New Immigrant: CNN spreads hate, I did my own research and realized Trump is best (video)

It is refreshing to see an outside perspective.

Hunter Biden on Tape: My Partner is “The Effing Spy Chief of China….”

The Audio:

Riots/Looting in ANOTHER Democrat Ran City – Media Ignores

….and the elite media thinks you don’t need to know anything about it.


Trump Scores Fourth Peace Deal!

Sudan agrees to normalize relation with Israel!

Trump Scores Multiple Deals for Middle-East Peace, Press Corps Shows Scorn


Israeli Prime Minister Thanks President Trump for Making Middle-East Peace Agreements Possible (video)


Pelosi: Middle-East Peace Deals a “Distraction.” Pelosi and House Dems Refuse Any COVID Economic Relief.


What did they say about Trump/Kushner Middle-East peace efforts back then?


Media asks ZERO questions about recent Middle East peace deals at White House press briefing

This is what elite media censorship looks like…

If you don’t know who Tony Bobulinski is then you have a real problem…..

At least some local news are covering it…..

Girl Scouts Cave to Mob: Delete Tweet Congratulating Justice Barrett

The Girl Scouts deleted this tweet because the cancel culture complained…..and they gave in to the bullying…

Twitter’s favorite Spock had the best reaction: