Trump Scores Multiple Deals for Middle-East Peace, Press Corps Shows Scorn

UPDATE – President Trump Nominated for not just one, but two Nobel Peace Prizes!

UAE-Israeli Peace Deal

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Israeli Peace Agreement was the first shoe to drop. A major Arab nation declaring peace with Israel is historic. Yet when you look at the network news it was given scant coverage. Most American have no idea of the importance of this. If Obama had achieved the diplomatic and economic normalization of a major Arab country with Israel it would be wall to wall coverage.

Serbia-Kosovo Normalization Deal

The second shoe to drop was the Serbian/Kosovo Normalization Deal. Christian Serbia and Muslim Kosovo, who have been at odds for as long anyone can remember, have agreed to move toward economic normalization. They have also agreed, according to Ambassador and Former DNI Richard Grenell to:

…protect and promote freedom of religion, including renewed interfaith communication, protection of religious sites, and continued restitution of Holocaust-era heirless and unclaimed Jewish property. Both agreed to designate Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization and fully implement measures to restrict Hezbollah’s operations and financial activities in their jurisdictions. Both agreed to work with the U.S. government to decriminalize homosexuality in the 69 countries where it is currently illegal. And, perhaps most importantly of all, Serbia has pledged to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, while Kosovo has agreed to mutual recognition with Israel.

This is how the Washington Press Corps behaved at the announcement of this historic deal putting an end to conflict that has cost countless lives. They went right to the wedge issue gotcha questions. Ambassador Grenell wasn’t having it and the poor reporters were upset that they were insulted. Prepare to watch a breathtaking lack of introspective:

Further Draw Down of Troops in Iraq

President Trump promised to pull us out of areas that war with each other endlessly. In keeping that promise The United States and Iraq have agreed to lower US troop levels in Iraq to 3,000. Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany briefed reporters on these recent foreign policy achievements the next day and did they even want to talk about any of this? Nope:

Bahrain-Israel Peace Agreement Announced

Announced just today and President Trump says that more will follow:

Muslim Majority Chad Announces Normalization Talks with Israel, Sudan Also Announces New Diplomatic Talks – LINK.

Lebanon Floats Israeli Peace Trial Balloon:

With Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO always churning up anti-Israeli hate, how is this possible?

Arab nations have figured out that the people most responsible for keeping Muslims poor and destitute in Gaza, Lebanon and parts of the West Bank are not Israelis, but the corruption and war mongering of Hezbollah, Hamas and the PLO. Arab countries are watching as Iran modernizes it’s military and makes it very clear that they want to take control of the Middle-East and put it under the control of Iranian Mullahs. Iran that is the biggest threat to majority Muslim nations and standing up to Iran militarily is not possible without help from the United States and Israel.

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