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NBC 9News “Security Guard” who killed Trump supporter wasn’t licensed. Pushed Trump hate on social media…

The lawsuits from this are going to be huge. Geeks and Gamers has analysis because the elite media isn’t too excited about talking about this…

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NY Post: Team Obama invented the whole RussiaGate scandal

Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell – “Someone needs to go to jail”: New York Post: In mid-2016, the FBI got word that Russian intelligence believed Hillary Clinton’s campaign was planning to frame Donald Trump as colluding with Russia’s … Continue reading

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Newsweek: ‘Trump Was Right’ About FBI Scramble to “Assemble” Russia Evidence After 2016 Win

The texts show that the evidence just was not there, we learned from other documents that senior Democrats and FBI/DoJ/CIA officials decided to just manufacture the evidence. Tim Pool has a great video analysis that is really worth your time … Continue reading

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SICK: ANTIFA Topples Abe Lincoln Statue in Portland.

And they said this was about helping black people….. well it never was. Antifa just toppled a Lincoln statue in Portland. For real. pic.twitter.com/X1oG9J0I2a — Jewish Deplorable 🇺🇸 (@TrumpJew) October 12, 2020

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