Will They Sue Biden? Proud Boys Leader is Afro-Cuban. Says Any Racial Supremacist Group Is Domestic Terror

Enrique Tarrio, National Chairman of Proud Boys and is Afro-Cuban.

Meet Enrique Tarrio, he is the National Chairman of the Proud Boys organization. He is Afro-Cuban.

Before the debate, we know nothing about the Proud Boys and then we started doing some research. It did not take long to learn that Proud Boys has plenty of minority members and their official position on white supremacy groups, or any other type of racial nonsense, are all domestic terror.

UPDATE – Further research shows that Proud Boys have a great deal of Latino members.


We had no problem finding minority members of Proud Boys just using searches on social media. Then again, the media has accused Candace Owens of being a white supremacist so we live in strange times. The media also calls BLM/ANTIFA “peaceful protestors” as well.

Proud Boys position is that they do not espouse violence, but they do espouse self defense. They make it very clear if groups like ANTIFA start a fight with them that they will finish it.

Will Proud Boys sue? There are various internet posts saying that they are looking to do just that.

Biden’s post debate actions are already getting him sued. The attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, Lin Wood, has announced that he is suing Joe Biden for defamation. Biden put out an ad accusing his client of being a white supremacist. There is no evidence that Rittenhouse has any such views. Wood is the most successful defamation attorney in the United States. Wood has represented Richard Jewell and Nick Sandman among others.


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