Michigan Supreme Court: Governor has no authority to continue state of emergency/shutdowns


The governor does not have authority under either of the state’s emergency statutes to continue the coronavirus state of emergency, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in questions related to a federal case on Friday.

Two laws — the Emergency Management Act from 1976 and the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act from 1945 — govern how states of emergency are declared and handled in Michigan.

Neither, the court found, gave Gov. Gretchen Whitmer the authority to continue declaring states of emergency or issuing unilateral orders under them past April 30, when her initial declaration would have expired.

Tim Pool: ‘Journalists’ And Don’t Bother Even Doing a Google Search to Check Themselves

We like Tim Pool. Time is a former Democrat who started to realize that the things Democrats and their friends in the elite media say simply aren’t true. As Tim has progressed in his career he has become more red pilled and more accurate in his reporting and analysis.

As time goes on we are confident that Tim will realize that often the media does the searches, but they lie anyways because they have an ends justifies the means mentality. They simply, as leftists, do not see objective truth as a value.

Watch Tim expose the lies in about a dozen elite media reports that are just lies.

Washington Post Gives Biden 11 ‘Pinocchios’ During COVID.


These “Pinocchios”, the Washington Post’s euphemism for liar, have been given to Biden eleven times. This is significant because the Washington Post is for Biden all the way and often spreads disinformation for his benefit.

Read the article at the Washington Free Beacon linked below.

Lesson Learned: The Virus Always Wins

If one were to listen to CNN, COVID got into the White House because Orange Man Bad, we needed more lockdowns and everyone should have worn a mask more.

The White House is the most secure place in the world. Everything is wiped down, everyone is tested and screened. Masks can help a little bit, cleaning everything can help a little, but when dealing with an infectious virus that wants to survive the simple truth is, as history shows, the virus always wins and in reality is only defeated one of four ways:

Natural immunity.

Herd immunity.


Treatment to defeat the virus after the fact combined with a healthy immune system.