Moments and Reactions From Pence/Harris Bloodbath…We Mean Debate

Vice President Mike Pence & I were both local radio talk show hosts in Indiana way back in the day. Much like yours truly, he used to argue for a living. He is not going to lose a debate. That was our expectation going in. Even so, we were not expecting such total domination by Vice President Pence. Granted Senator Harris has a couple of good moments, but we have not seen a bloodbath like this since Reagan debated Mondale; the difference being that Mondale knew he lost the debate and was a good sport about it.

First, lets settle one thing…..and it came from the Washington Post who has been in the tank for Democrats:


We did not have a peaceful transition of power in 2016. Democrats weaponized the CIA/FBI/DoJ/NSC/DNI and NSA to try and frame Trump in the phony Russian collusion scandal.

This is scary. There is little doubt that the Democrats, as several Senators like Schumer have said, they will pack the Supreme Court with partisan hacks by adding seats to it, bring in Puerto Rico and Washington DC in as states unconstitutionally, appoint Democrat senators to those new states, eliminate the Senate filibusters and then do anything they want – ban guns, institute ballot harvesting (legalizing’s vote fraud) and essentially criminalize opposition to them. This will lead to civil war and we do not say this lightly. We don’t like violence nor are we “militia types,” but we do understand that the ballot box is a substitution for the bullet box. Once the government loses legitimacy history demonstrates that mass violence is inevitable.

We all saw Sen. Harris dodge the question when VP Pence asked her about this. This was the look on her face when he brought it up:

As former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard pointed out, Sen. Harris has an authoritarian streak in her:

Tucker Carlson responds with a brilliant observation:

On the “Green New Deal”, banning fracking and other energy production. The United States is now not only energy independent, we are an energy exporter which can be used to help pay off the debt. Democrats have been running in making us dependent on the Middle-East for energy again. Enough is enough. What ever happened to “no blood for oil”? But now they deny they ever said these things, well watch below:

Pence nails Biden and Harris on plagiarism, something VP Biden knows plenty about:

At the end it was Steve Inman who posted the unspoken 800 pound zinger in the room:

Kirsty Alley Torches Dems: “DEMS have accomplished NOTHING in the last 3 1/2 years”

Legendary actress Kirstie Alley has had enough.

Tim Pool: CNN/Lefty Media Pushing Unhinged Trump Conspiracy Theories (video)

We were putting together a post like this as President Trump was leaving the hospital, but Tim Pool did a video with an amalgamation of these crazed journalists going unhinged that is so good we just decided to present it to you here. This is worth your time and lots of fun. Says Tim Pool, “Alex Jones would be jealous”…

Note: Facebook and Twitter did not flag or “lol factcheck” any of this nonsense.