Best Reactions from Trump/Biden Debate II: Biden Commits Debate Suicide

This was campaign suicide. Joe Biden lost the debate in five areas:


1 – “I do not want to ban fracking, post the tape…” and post the tape people are. Biden and Harris have said this as least half a dozen times on video that is all over social media.

No one is going to let this go. This was absolute campaign suicide.

2 – After committing debate suicide. After lying about having The Green New Deal (banning gasoline cars, rebuilding every building in the USA, banning fossil fuels) on his web site at the last debate. After denying he wanted the AOC Green New Deal tonight, Biden followed  his “post the tape” challenge to Trump saying he wants to transfer away form all fossil fuels for renewables like wind and solar, which everyone knows does not provide nearly enough energy to heat homes and run the economy it.

Being energy independent, largely because of Donald Trump, is why the economy boomed before COVID but is also why we no longer need to get involved in endless wars over oil and energy security.

3Who built the cages Joe?


Sounds just like Obamacare and the American people took Congress away from the Democrats over it.

[Editor’s Note: Full disclosure – Yours truly lost his insurance under Obamacare. The “affordable” replacement plan more than tripled my premiums and increased my deductibles from $300 per year to $6,000. This forced me to put my daughter on government assistance so she could get care.]

5 –  Corruption. If the new evidence bomb from Hunter Biden’s laptop being delivered to the Senate tomorrow ends up being legit, all of the social media censorship in the world won’t keep people from learning about this story.

For a detailed explanation of the Biden pay for play and how it all worked, this Canadian VLAW Blog did a great job of explaining it so anyone can understand:

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