Editorial: Mueller’s Little Press Show… UPDATED!


On Mueller’s little press show today; “I could not clear the President” – A prosecutor never “clears” anyone period stop, as that is not how the law works or was ever intended.

A prosecutor decides if there is enough evidence to act on or not. Of course Mueller found no evidence of collusion with Russia and Trump as his report says. This nonsense of his about “could not clear” is simply to use innuendo to imply guilt.

Always remember that “innocence” is assumed and implied until proven otherwise beyond reasonable doubt.

Get this, if Mueller found any evidence of Democrat, FBI/DoJ/CIA wrongdoing or knew about the bogus FISA Court applications and did nothing about them then HE is guilty of obstruction.

To make sure this wild train of abuses never happens again, when the FISA Applications are declassified in coming weeks I think he should be charged as I believe the evidence will be there that he knew. He should be charged not just for reasons of justice, but to help ensure that the Special Prosecutor statute never be used as a part of a coup attempt ever again.

Former Federal Prosecutor Fred Tucce:

Quite frankly, I find Mr. Mueller’s comments reprehensible. The part that bothers me the most is the bedrock for our system of justice is that people are presumed innocent unless proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt… I think what he did today really was one of the most political things I’ve ever seen a prosecutor do and I am deeply disappointed in the Justice Department for his conduct… These comments are nothing more than chum in the water for Democrats.

UPDATE – Former Federal Prosecutor Sydney Powell speaks out:

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