Daisy Ridley Confirms: Disney SJW Star Wars Had No Plan. They Winged It.

Star Wars was the most valuable intellectual property (IP) in the entertainment world. Disney has squandered it. New trilogy toys aren’t selling. Toy makers are losing interest in making any toys other then for the original Lucas trilogy.

Disney Lucasfilm started out on a very sour start. New Disney Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy made it clear that Star Wars would be used to push SJW toxic feminism. Movie posters of “A New Hope” with Luke Skywalker’s face crossed out were put on display at Lucasfilm headquarters:

Luke Skywalker had to be erased. Kathleen Kennedy set out to destroy Luke Skywalker, turn him into a phony, unlikable, blue moof milker who abandoned everything be believed in all because he is a “toxic white male.”

Luminaries at Lucasfilm attacked the fans, calling them “ists and “phobes” for rejecting this crap. On Twitter they mocked Star Wars fans, attacked Christians and fathers (remember that the marxist left wants to bring an end to the patriarchal nuclear family), and waged war on social media against anyone who critiqued their new vision.

These are the priorities Kathleen Kennedy put into Disney Star Wars. There was no overarching story plan. Kennedy made it clear that each writer/director could do whatever he wanted so long as they met Kennedy’s “guidelines.”

Star wars films under-performed and fans straight up rejected The Last Jedi going so far as to boycott the stand alone Han Solo film which lost money.

Disney then admitted that they betrayed George Lucas and his vision for Star Wars.

Eventually, the money always wins and Disney let it be known that they wanted these problems fixed. Kennedy was under pressure to make sure that the last film, “Rise of Skywalker” performed. The film went through rewrites and re-shoots and Lucasfilm denied rumors that they had no plan for the trilogy and that what they did was the plan all along……perhaps that was a mistake:

Star Wars Theory:

Overlord DVD:

Geeks & Gamers:

Actor John Boyega (Finn) who was hyped up in the beginning as the Storm Trooper (of color) who deserts and trains to be a Jedi ended up getting totally sidelined. Boyega let Disney Lucasfilm have it; demonstrating once again that SJW “diversity” is only skin deep:

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