FBI: Newt’s Ex Tried To Sell Influence at His Expense

[Editor’s Note – First of all the fact that I have to report this is repulsive. Being personally fond of the Gingrich family, this kind of crap is the last thing I want to have on Political Arena, but we must be real; this is about the presidency and is not a game. Newt’s ex-wife Marianne is clearly disturbed and her illness cannot be allowed to get in the way of the needs of the country. ]

ABC and Esquire Magazine didn’t tell you this…….

Via our friend Political Arena contributor Warren Roche:

According to FBI records, back in 1995 – 96, Marianne Gingrich had a secret meeting in Paris where she attempted to make $10 MILLION by selling her influence on her then husband to the highest bidder in order to help lift the Iraq arms embargo and for backing the Florida bullet train an behalf of interested parties willing to pay, specifically, HER!!!

Following are two excerpts from the FBI document linked below through the Washington Post:

(Mrs. Gingrich) “stated that her relationship with her husband was purely a relationship of convenience. She told the source that she needed her husband for economic reasons, and that he needed to keep her close because she knew of all his “skeletons.” Source stated that after requesting (Mrs.) Gingrich’s assistance in the above matter, she told him that her organization needed money. She also told source “It’s time for me to make money using my husband, and after we get started doing this, it will be easy.”

“Bennett stated that Gingrich wanted for herself up front, in addition to the $550,000.00 that Bennett mentioned earlier, bringing the total up front payment to 1 million 50 thousand dollars.”

Here are the documents – LINK. This distraction is now over.

More on “disturbing”… Bernard Goldberg has a must read column on Marianne – LINK.

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