Workers and companies fleeing high tax, forced union states ran by progressives

Fiscally responsible states usually ran by  Republicans and Conservative Democrats gained 10 House seats according to Census data.

People are voting with their feet. Over 150 businesses left California to move to Texas in just the last year. Missouri may now be changing to a “right to work state”.  Union over reach and greed has sent jobs overseas. Ford Motor Company has a new high-tech plant that can make five cars on a single line at once. Union rules do not permit the advanced technology Ford needs so they have built these plants in Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Union over reach in the public sector (government unions) is causing some states to go bankrupt. The states cannot afford the corruption and sweetheart deals that result from abusive public sector unions.

Keep in mind this is census data from late 2010, so one would imagine that the situation is more pronounced today.

[And as is so often the case, when there is a video that is popular with conservative bloggers YouTube makes it go poof. The video can be watched HERE]

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I write about politics, education, economics, morality and philosophy.
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