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About the debt increase deal…

Remember that debt increase deal? Just remember come election time to remember the following… As far as the budget deal we thought we have a few comments. 1 – We were never in danger of a default. The government brings in … Continue reading

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FLASHBACK: Democrats taped on phone acting in bad faith, plotting a government shutdown

Remember when we said that the Democrats are pushing for a government shut down, which is why they keep moving the goal posts in trying to boost deficit spending?  Well here is the proof. It is called acting in bad … Continue reading

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AIM: American tax dollars for Al-Jazeera inspired terrorism

Amazing. Your money being used to fund enemy propaganda, but Democrats say we cannot cut funds for this nonsense. AIM: An analysis of the propaganda campaign to get Al-Jazeera carried by more cable and satellite systems reveals an interesting fact. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Favorite CEO: GE Paid No Taxes in 2010 Despite Making $14.2 Billion in Profits

Obama ally Google paid 2.4% federal tax earlier and threw gala events for Democrats while President Obama blasted the Chamber of Commerce as greedy for not wanting small businesses to pay a 39.9% tax. Weekly Standard: General Electric paid no … Continue reading

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Dana Perino: Interesting How Obama Says Things That Are So Quickly Proven False

Obama takes credit for global oil production going up, but this is in spite of him not because of him. domestic Oil production is down 13% since he was elected, he has instituted an illegal offshore drilling ban which he … Continue reading

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Gov. Chris Christie To Public Sector Union Worker: We Can’t Afford To Pay Ninety Percent Of Your Health Care Anymore

Rush Limbaugh comments as well. This is a must see. “The top 1% of income payers pay 41% of all state income tax. We already have the highest taxes in America and the neighbor who lives next door to you who works … Continue reading

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GOA Report: Dozens of Govt. Agencies in Duplicate. Massive Waste.

52 programs funding entreprenurial efforts. 35 agencies for infrastructure. 26 agencies to fund telecommunications. 18 food assistance programs 47 job training programs 82 programs to improve teachers …well you get the picture. The Hill: GAO report expected to show hundreds … Continue reading

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AFL-CIO Union Chief: The Best Way To Create Jobs is to Raise Taxes

This is from the same man who said that government should take over all private business, who speaks in front of communist revolutionary groups, and has a long history of violence. Trumka talks to the White House every day and … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Hiding Meetings with Lobbyists

Flashback February 2011 Editor’s Note – It is tenacity and vigilance like this that has kept Michelle Malkin the queen of conservative internet news since the invention of the medium. The respect she enjoys is well deserved. Via the queen of the blogosphere Michelle … Continue reading

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Google Comes Under Fire for ‘Secret’ Relationship with NSA. Cozy with Administration.

Flashback February 2011 Related – Big Business Buying Influence With Democrats: Google Pays 2.4% Federal Taxes We have talked about the cozy and monetary relationship that the Obama Administration has with Google before. Yahoo News: Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group largely focused in recent … Continue reading

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John Wayne: What he wanted most for his newborn daughter

Must see.

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A word about the GOP primaries being moved up in some states…

It is damn foolish. We got Obama in part because some of the primaries were front loaded. The result is candidates that do not get properly vetted. It gives the one with the big money an early advantage and it gives the … Continue reading

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