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Prager University Video: The Middle East Problem

Prager University: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

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Islam’s Ignorant Defenders

Simply one of the wisest columns on this subject ever written. It is worth reading twice. By David French: Our cultural elite knows nothing about Islam, yet they defend with it with sneering, condescending ferocity. One of the more interesting … Continue reading

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Reminder of What to Expect from the Elite Media this Election Season: O’Reilly Blasts Washington Post’s Dana Milbank for Openly Lying About Coverage 7 Million People Watched

This is the kind of press coverage we can expect from the Washington Post and the rest of the crew of profoundly snarky pundits sometimes called the elite media or as some others have called it the “Democrat Media Complex”. [Flashback … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories Ms. Pelosi!

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Gov. Bobby Jindal: Brown University Administrators & Faculty Undermine Christian Faith & Western Civilization.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also spoke the oil crisis and how the federal government had gotten in the way with some of the most foolish regulations one can imagine. Wasn’t the Department of Homeland Security reorganization supposed to fix this … Continue reading

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