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Heritage: Ten most popular economic charts of 2010

Heritage: Top Ten Charts of 2010 The Top Ten Heritage Charts are below, sorted by pageviews with the 10th most popular chart on top, and the most popular chart at the bottom. Turns out the most popular chart of 2010 is … Continue reading

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Herman Cain (video): How to educate America on economics & turn the economy around

This is a long interview with Herman Cain by Ed Morrissey from January. It provides some perspective as to who Herman cain is, his views, and how his thought process works.

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Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages

Remember that Clinton/Gingrich “Welfare Reform” law that was so effective at stopping people from gaming the system and helping people get back to work? Did you know it was reversed with the stimulus bill? CNBC: Government payouts—including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment … Continue reading

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Flashback 2010: Washington State overwhelmingly votes down new tax on wealthy

[Those who are running on class warfare, eat the rich nonsense could be in for a rude awakening come 2012. It was just a few short months ago that the liberal Washington State had a referrendum and look at what … Continue reading

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Corruption: Most Stimulus Funds Spent in Democrat Districts…

[Originally posted on my old college blog in April 2010 – Editor] Via George Mason University, National Review, and HotAir. The stimulus bill, as ill conceived as it is, gives is a fantastic opportunity to test Keynesian economic policy and … Continue reading

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48 Out of 50 States Have Lost Jobs since Democrats’ Stimulus Law. Washington DC Gained Jobs.

And these numbers were taken from last December so it is even worse now. We have been losing about 400,000 jobs a week since that time based on new unemployment claims (in fairness this number does not include jobs created which … Continue reading

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